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Pathogen decontamination and our recommended three phase cleaning process

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PRO-TECT GUARD LTD Decontamination

Pro-tect Guard Ltd decontamination service, helps protect against pathogen spread infection and helps you maintain a high level of hygiene in your premises. Scheduling regular professional specialist disinfection treatments offers peace of mind to those entering your premises that it remains a safe and clean environment. We can also provide a sticker, confirming that your premises are regularly disinfected on a contract basis.

This service uses a range of innovative applications to suit every part of your premises.

Our recommended three phase cleaning process

Step one of our three step cleaning process

Physical touchpoint cleaning MUST be undertaken. This involves disinfecting key, high risk touchpoints such as door handles, light switches and surfaces, to minimise the risk of microbial transfer

Step two of our three step cleaning process

ULV Disinfection Fogging to attack and eliminating viruses/pathogens and bacteria, both air-born and on surface area.The solution used in this process, kills up to 99.9999% of a broad range of pathogens within seconds of contact

Step three of our three step cleaning process

ULV Electrostatic Fogging for ultimate coverage and supreme protection. The solution is negatively charged, meaning it sticks and holds onto surfaces much quicker and longer than traditional cleaning methods


It is with this in mind, that we offer our services and cleaning advise to you.
After all, it is YOUR name and reputation that we are here to offer our services to.
This is what will ultimately provide the protection to you, your staff and your customers.
It’s all about “Peace of mind”.

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We are based in Portishead, North Somerset. We offer our cleaning, disinfecting and protection services in the South West of England, including Bristol and South Gloucester.

  • Fully trained operatives
  • Compliant to HSE regulations
  • Following guidance as set out by Public Health England
  • All waste correctly disposed of in line with waste regulations
  • Fully insured

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